Jigsaw Puzzles Update

I been using Jigsaws Galore for many years on my PC. There is also a version for Mac. I have played thousands of puzzles that I did not keep track of and this last two years I've decided to keep track of them with a list in a word file. Below is the list. I'm not done adding puzzles. I just saved 75 photos from Twitter to use in a new folder and (NSFW) Furry 3 is going to get 21 more in it in the next couple of days. I said a while back I'm stopping at 4000, then I said I'm stopping at 5000. LOL. To be honest, I have room for the puzzles and I will play them eventually unless I drop dead. I am keeping backups in a ZIP file in case the computer packs in, and I won't lost them this way.


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