3 Poems, Just Because

David S. Nicholson
May 21, 2021

I want quiet and there will be deafening noise.
I want companionship and there will be no one.
I want pleasure and there can only be pain.

I look for hope and only find more emptiness.
I look for peace and there is only conflict.
I look for knowledge and there is only ignorance.

Fields of Gold
David S. Nicholson
April 10, 2020

Fields of gold wave in the wind.
The sun sets over the city.
We gather no more.

Once we had conversations over coffee.
Now we have masks and gloves.
We gather no more.

I remember Easter dinner with my family.
They are all gone now.
We gather no more.

We played games and did puzzles.
Now there are signs saying to stay away.
We gather no more.

When this is over will we rejoice?
After this curse will we dine together?
Or will we still gather no more?

Falling Stars
David S. Nicholson
April 10, 2020

Falling stars.
Shut inside.
Eat too much.
Drank too much.
Slept too much.
Did not walk enough.
I keep hearing coughing.
Pusheen is looking at me!


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