Life Update in 5 Parts

I was cutting the bags open from my grocery delivery as they tie them together and it's not possible to untie them. I slipped with the box cutter and slashed my finger and it also went through the nail. It kind of sucked but I managed to keep all the blood in the sink. It's a week or so later, and it's almost healed, but the nail will give me issues I'm sure.
Day after my grocery delivery I had this for a treat dinner. It's basically Kraft Dinner with Sriracha Ranch Dressing and some mixed veggies. It was very good actually. I had hotdogs the next day, with the same dressing on them.
Mothers day was yesterday (May 8th) and today (May 9th) would have been Moms 90th birthday. I made a special spicy lentil soup for mothers day, and remembered all the good times we had, and all that we went through together over the years. I really miss my family, but that is life, we all end up loosing them eventually.
New laundry soap. I had to order twice for groceries as the shopped did NOT substitute for some of the order and I had to order twice wasting all kinds of money. Being I needed laundry soup, I ordered some. It was $4.99 for 2.03 L of it and it is not supposed to bother my allergies or chemical sensitivities. Well I did a wash yesterday and it is fine, I will save a lot of money on soap in the future with this. The one I was using was half the size for $2 more. That reminds me, I need to wash the bedding one of these days.
A friends sister pics me up for coffee and she was running late. We where supposed to be there at 1:30pm and I got this text, so I could not resist the reply LOL. We ended up being about 15 more minutes and my friend phoned me to see what was happening. I think it's hilarious that he does this when we are late, because he is often late himself. BTW, I went to high school with his sister. I super enjoy the coffee outings and being with my friends.


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