Bad Delivery App Experience

Ordered from this same place 3 times in 7 months. All 3 times, not at the lunch hour or dinner hours. Also, all 3 times, it took over 30 minutes for them to confirm my order. Like seriously, the food is OK and good sized portions, but I'm just not cool with doubling my wait time for them to get it to me, because they ignore the shit out of the order terminal.

As well, all 3 times it was a different delivery person, and the last 2 times, they literally could not get into the building with freaking instructions on how. Seriously, I tell them all "pull the handle when you hear the buzzing". These 2 guys just stood there looking at the door, like it would magically open for them. Sigh. The restaurant is the one delivering in this case, not the drivers for the app.

I'm just writing them off from now on.

And as for the app. There have been 5 different venders showing as closed for delivery for 6 days now. All of them are open. Finally after a few days I asked in a local group if they where closed. Someone said the app terminal was down from a network error. Neither of the internet providers in town have had an outage at all in the last 2 week in the aria of the venders. I phoned the other 4 places and they told me the same thing, the terminal is down.

I tried to talk to them on chat telling them what is going on and it was like talking to a toddler on how to fix the dryer. Just amazed me on the level of "I don't get it" I was getting from chat. I kept telling the person they where open and he kept telling me "they set if to closed". Talking to the venders, they said "nope, it's down."



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