Nivea Essential Lip Care - My Thoughts

My skin and my lips are always dry. In the winter when it's cold and even more dry than normal, my lips tend to crack and even peal (dead skin). I've found that Nivea tends to work the best for my lips. Nothing fixes it all the way, but using this seems to help a lot. Before when I used another product, my lips still became badly cracked in the dead of winter. I switched and it healed the cracks and prevented bad cracks from forming again. I do have to say mild cracks did however form a couple of times, but not the noticeably deep ones I was getting before. It also does not have any strange tastes to it and does not make my lips look glossed like the wax one did. All in all I'm going to rate this an 8/10 - it could be a bit better, but it's the best so far.


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