It's This Easy LOL

Fact: Multiple studies point to the fact that sperm counts are going down steadily.

Fact: Clinical evidence exists that the average size of the male penis is shrinking over recent years.

Fact: Multiple international organizations have tried to get people to go Vegan in the guise of livestock being harmful to the environment.

Fact: The eating of meat, in particular red meat, is linked to increased virility in men.

Fact: The UN has stated that in the near future we will not be able to feed the growing population and we will go extinct if we do not do something about it.

I put it to you, that the UN is part of a plan to reduce the human population to 800,000 people to control humanity for the purpose of using us as slave labor to cater to the people who are really running the world. This same group that meets on a not-so-secret island once a year in order to plan out the wars and so called natural disasters for the upcoming year. They are also putting additives in food and drinks in the guise of making them more safe for consumption, when in reality it is lowering sperm counts and shrinking penis sizes. All the wars in the last 150 years have been manufactured to case death and political tension in an artificial manner. This is to further their goal of reducing, then controlling humans. Before this 150 year arch of control over world politics, there where no wars or serious outbreaks of disease. This has all been part of the control over humanity plans by these people who have used DNA from captured aliens to make themselves immortal. They change body looks with the air of alien tech in order to make it look like there are being replaced by new people when they are not. The fact that no credible source can prove that they have had children only furthers this line of thinking. The in fact use clones that will age and act like normal people, then when it’s time to pretend to pass on to the next generation, the clone is killed off and the alien tech used to alter the body of the Cabal members to look and sound like the so-called offspring. Wake up people!

The above statements are completely satirical and not based on any fact at all. This is just an exercise in how easy it is to make up a line of thinking that many people could actually believe. This current statement has not at all been placed in this blog post by the Cabal.


  1. also shrinks with age, I am half the size I was in my younger years lol

    1. Yup it shrinks as you age and your balls get more saggy LOL.

  2. Lets say there was a God and he wanted to get rid of his creation Humans, why not shrink their organs until they simply cant procreate anymore, you know like we are his personal amusement ant farm


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