Passed Out Drunk And Stained the Carpet

Well a very proud moment for me. I was into my second 1.75L bottle of Dill Pickle Caesar and the second pour from it went wrong. Honestly I've not passed out drunk in 30 years, and I did just as I was tipping the bottle over. It went all over the table and the carpet. This is as good as I can get it clean without getting in product from the store. I tried laundry soap in a rather not very diluted form, and all that did was make bubbles to clean up. After payday I will have to see what I can get at a store. I've got not one clue what to buy. I've never had too. I know the stuff Mom used to use killed my chemical sensitives and I'm sure anything else that will clean this will do the same. Best thing is, when I woke up I just went right to bed and left it until morning. Seriously, I almost never drink a tone of booze, and this is the only time I went lights out from it in probably 30 years. Oh well, there are other spots to be done anyway.


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