And the Police Get More Money Once Again

Looks like the police are asking for an increase in funding yet again. There is the promise of a stronger presence in Crescent Park and the surrounding Downtown aria. Crime in this aria is indeed up, but it's also up all over the city and in other parts of town violence is more common. But here is my take on it. The city relies heavily on tourists to come to the downtown aria to shop, stay at the spa and gamble, among other things. So this is to make the tourists feel safer and continue to spend money. In essence, they are going to protect profits in the guise of protecting people. Yes, the side effect is less crime in the aria, but what about other parts of town? Just my thoughts on it, I'm no expert, I just know how things look to me.


  1. they can send in the dmn army and criminals will still be criminals, I never heard that extra police deter those idiots. the thing is most criminals think they can get away with it.


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