Shady AF Web Pages

So I was looking at Google One. It's actually a great deal but I'm happy with my cloud, so I wanted to see if I could get just a VPN and if it would be a total of the same or less money. I searched "Best Canadian VPN". The second link took me to a nice looking list of the top ten. Well I clicked the link to go to the site on one I liked the description of, then all the sudden crap stated to pop up in my task bar over on the right. They would pop up then go away. I clicked the show hidden button and there it was 4 app icons I did NOT want or manually install.

"Safer Web", "Rav Endpoint Security", "VPN by Rav", and one I forgot to write the name down of, so I forget it.

The shady bastards had installed unwanted crap on my system. It did not set off my security, and when I googled them, it said they where not harmful, just annoying. I uninstalled them and cleaned off every trace of their existence. Then did a deep scan, it found nothing. There where also no unrecognizable processes running after.

This has to be against the freaking law or something. But Goddess knows where the hell this site is running out of. I had just finished a reinstall and did not want a bunch of crap on my system. It takes long enough to remove all the stuff Windows 10 puts on there that I'll never use and don't want.

So to sum it up, you literally can't trust a top rated search result, because they are literally paying to be there and not actually there because of the amount of clicks they got (ranking). Just can't trust anything at all.

BTW Windows has started putting stuff back after you go out of the way to uninstall stuff from Microsoft.


  1. I have been using Zenmate VPN the past 3 years, they are $59 for 3 years here


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