Coffee and Pills

Two things that need to happen every morning are coffee and pills. To be honest the amount coffee wakes me up is minimal at best, but I do very much enjoy drinking the stuff. I remember when I first started drinking coffee and friends said, "you have to get used to the taste". They said the same about beer. I loved both from the first sip. I spend more on coffee that most people I'd say, and it is worth it to me, as the better the coffee the better the taste obviously.
Three sets of pills, one is supplementing the doctor told me to take, and the other two are morning and night pills to keep me alive and not all depressed. I used to take a few more, but thankfully I was able to get off them and reduce the number of meds I need.


  1. I think there are 2 kinds of Coffee drinkers, the ones that use it for energy and to wake up and then ones that really love the taste.


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