The Confusing Nature a Comment I Saw

See, the same people who are responsible for the firing of the principal, also support the banning of Dag shows, including "Drag Queen story time." In fact they have already drafted legislation in Florida to ban these activities.

So in essence this person is saying we need to take rights away from one group (cancelling them) but if it's something he is not mindlessly offended by, it should not be banned. Astonishing isn't it?

So if you're doing the cancelling, it's not cancel culture then I assume? It's like people screaming snowflake when they offend someone, then painting a teen age girls face on your coal rolling monster truck because she hurt your feelings.

Personally I'm not for taking away peoples rights even if I don't like what they are doing. If they do no harm, it's cool with me. Just got to look at statistics of who is hurting the children and see the ones doing the banning are extremely more likely to harm children. But when you choose to ignore your side doing wrong, it's all good in your mind ain't it?


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