You're Problems Won't Go Away When the Old People Do

I just saw a damaged person lashing out in a group I'm in. Their thinking has led them to the idea, life will improve when all the people over 30 are dead somehow. This is utter folly and to say the least on the edge of hate speech. There is only the one post ever by her that I can find, but it was an angry one.

To be honest The only time in public that I have been treated badly for being a person of size or disabled, it was a person under the age of 30. I'm talking 95% of the time literally. Things like rude comments, or taking the fat guys photo to make of fun of me on social media.

You can generally tell an age group online by the way they use words as well, and the vast majority of the time I have been targeted online it seems to have been teens or younger. But to be honest when it comes to threats on the internet to people it seems to generally be people in their 20's and 30's - at least the majority of people I've seen that where found out as to who they actually are.

When you see marches of armed people in the USA who are out to intimidate people of minority groups, look at them, almost all of them are under 40, most being in their 20's. I'm talking about people who show up with a gun and tell drag queens they are somehow evil and often outright say they need to be eliminated "for the good of society".

I'll give this person one thing though, the largest portion of sexual abusers of children tend to be older people and almost always male. On an interesting side note in many countries these people where most likely to be part of organized religion as well in some capacity.

To speak for myself, I've never harmed a person who did not overtly provoke me doing so, as in, they initiated the fight.

For speaking for my aria (the same aria this person is in), most violent crime happens with people between 16 and 35 being the ones who are offending. As well, most people who steal things (literally going door to door trying to get into houses) tend to be under 40.

When we select a group and label them as the root of all our problems, we tend to give into a mentality that when it happens as a group, lead to violence and repression. Every genocide was against a group who was selected by leaders as the root of all problems for the majority. It's extremely easy to get people to commit acts of violence if you blame a group. This is seen by all sides if you look close - riots and looting for example.

We fail as human beings when we start to put blame on a group for the actions of individuals or small portions of the group.



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