6 July 2020
PROCEDURE: CT Abdomen/Pelvis w/ Contrast
Mesentery/Retroperitoneum/Peritoneum: Normal.
No evidence of ascites, abdominal or pelvic inflammation, mass or free gas.
Lymph Nodes: No evidence of retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy.
Vessels: Normal enhancement of visceral arteries and veins.
Lung bases: Sub 5 calcified granulomata in the lower lobe of the right lung are benign. The lung bases
 are unremarkable.
Bones and soft tissues: A large left paramedian ventral abdominal wall hernia is identified. The
 fascial defect measures 10 cm in transverse diameter and 10 cm in craniocaudal diameter. It contains
 uncomplicated small bowel.
Aggressive osseous lesions are not identified. The bones of the lumbar spine are unaltered. Stable
 hemangioma of T10.
Large left paramedian ventral abdominal wall hernia containing uncomplicated loops of small bowel.
Stable right renal cyst.
Stable sigmoid colon diverticulosis.


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