What is Gender? (Opinion)

Well to me this is a complicated question. There is what strict old school science says it is, then there is what no gender conformists think it is. Also, there is what the avantguard of science say it is. On both sides of the coin there are people who demand that everyone agrees with them – this is true of literally everything people think, do, or believe in.

Personally, I believe gender is of the mind and not of the body. I’m obviously a man to look at me. Genetics say I am a man, I have all the male parts, but I don’t identify as male. OK I do on forms use he/him, but I am in my mind fluid gender. To my brain what I am is in flux. I can feel female, and I can feel male, and I can feel in the middle.

There is science behind this identity thing. When tested, chemically trans women are closer to women than men. Genetically they test as men of course. But the chemicals in their body tend to be more to the other side. There is of course, people who don’t test to have the altered chemistry and still identify as female when they were born male. This tends to be rarer from what I have seen.

I put it that the identity is who I am. There are people who claim to follow a God and they identify as doing so. There is not one bit of evidence that can be quantified to prove this, but to them they are that brand of spirituality. To tell them that is not real, and you are just another person, will anger them at times, and at times they will just agree to disagree. I identify as fluid, thus to me I am. The opinion of others, although founded in what they see as science, is meaningless to me and will not sway my identity.

They of course will NOT see me as fluid, but a man. My point of view is meaningless to them, and I can’t possibly change their minds. But both of us should be able to say what we think is reality and not get all angry at each other. I have friends that are as close to me as family. I love these people deeply. But we don’t agree on a lot of issues, and that is all cool with us. To pick this only point that we don’t agree on to drive a wedge would be folly at best.

I’m sure that the activist mind will tell me that they are disrespecting me, and I should cut ties. I’m just not going to do that EVER. These people mean something to me, and I can tolerate people disagreeing with me just fine.

What I will end off with is, if you believe you are gender diverse, you are. If it is what you feel, no matter what people tell you, you are who you believe yourself to be. Now I don’t extend this thinking to my furry persona “Farthing the Fox”. I don’t for a moment think I’m a fox in a human body. Yet there are people who do think they are a fox in a human body. From their perspective, they are a fax – and nothing I or others say should change their minds. If you are not hurting anyone (including yourself) just be who or what you think you should be. Thus I am fluid gender all the way. {Reality is perspective}


  1. Males can have many emotional feelings similar or even identical to females and females can have feelings traditionally considered male feelings. To me that still makes them the same sex they were born as. We would call women "tom boys" that really liked typical male things. We never said they were men. I really see no difference in quality to need to deny biology. Both sexes are worthy, and awesome, and needed just as much in society. To me there is more science behind me saying I am African American because, go back far enough and we all are. But it would still be considered disingenuous if I did that on applications for benefits being handed out to minorities.
    I don't know of any Christ following believers who equate that belief with science in any way or claim such except for maybe some wackos who believe their version of science says the earth is 6000 years old and man lived with dinosaurs. My faith is based on historical records of facts which even most scholars believe to be true. Science just cannot be used to confirm any divinity of Christ or divine happenings. They require a being who can violate science or modify it. That is up to each person to decide. There is no scientific test I can run to prove Abraham Lincoln existed. It could be made up but the historical evidence seems to be very strong against that idea.
    As always I am a social libertarian, and if someone wants to believe they are a frog, society should let them and as long as they are not endangering themselves or others they should not be forced into any sort of treatment for their ideas.

    Chuck Howard

  2. Great Post, I have no problem with people wanting to be something they were not born as, but I will NEVER clutter my brain with remembering Pronouns, it is rediculous to have to remember what friend is what, it has nothing to do with hate, it has to do with people needing to get over themselves and not inconvinience other people with their nonsense, I sometimes identify as a cat, that does not and will never make me a CAT.

    1. There is a reason I use he him instead of they them. Less confusing. You saw the list I sent in chat. That's not even all of them. My memory sucks. It takes forever to learn someone pronouns.


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