Social Media Has Gone To Hell

This is from a Facebook group I'm in. The image that is being called fake news by Facebook bots is literally a fractal art image. It has nothing to do with anything other than fractals. Just got to wonder how messed up Facebook is going to get now that they fired a tone of humans and put a bloody AI in charge. It's getting ridiculous.

A friend has found a group that is posting photos and videos of hard core porn. Yet the AI has not once marked any of it as inappropriate and booted the group. She has flagged many of the images and photos and reported the group - so have many others. The group is still up and running. The AI does not care. Yet, fractal art gets dinged.

I got warned a while back about using "violent threats" and my comment was removed. Well, I had literally commented about a photo of a dog and how I liked it and would like to be able to afford a pet. That's it, no violence - but I got warned. I guess I should have posted a dick pick, so the bots would have ignored it FFS.

Social media is going to hell. Facebook being handed over to an AI is causing a hell of a lot of issues. X is self destructing due to it's owner opening his thoughts onto the platform and advertisers this saying "this is enough, we are gone", and the platform is bleeding advertisers. Soon X will have to be a paid only site to stay open. I'm already gone from it, as are almost everyone I know.

Instagram has the same issues with the Facebook AI moderating it. It is giving false hits on images and comments. Then when you flag something that violates TOS, nothing is ever done.

Between the AI's not being smart enough to do the job, and platforms running amuck with hate speech, social media is starting to not be so social at all. The best part about X, is it claims to be all about free speech. On it you can post all kinds of right wing hate and not get banned. But if you call someone cis gender, you run the risk of being banned from the platform. So is it free speech? Not at all, it's a platform that is heavily controlled by an ideology and freedom is only granted to those who conform.

Threads is gaining ground all the time and I'm loving it, but it's moderated by the Facebook AI, and it's only a matter of time that porn gets ignored and people start getting 30 bans for saying "I love your dress."

Honest to the Goddess, when social media first started up, things where simple and ran smooth, now it's a crap shoot at best. There have been a tone of small social media sites and platforms to pop up and vanish over the last few years, and there will be more. I think the glory days are over and we just have to hang in as long as we can before it's all gone totally to hell.


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