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New Years Eve Feast :-)

Well I had way too much food today - no wondering why I am this size :-)

So Chinese food and wings (lots of them) for lunch. Then it was a 10 pack of cabbage rolls - I had 6 of them - food for 2 there, but I consumed it. Now I have a midnight snack of 4 cabbage rolls...

So a friend is coming over to watch movies and drink - his booze... Happy New Year all :-)

Fire Plug Mangled

GPS location: 50.396828, -105.535050 for Google maps (If you are in Canada)

GPS location: 50.396828, -105.535050 for Google maps (not in Canada)

Some Random Soup...


So the new building manager is in another city...

Wonderful ain't it? This is in another city (the new manager). So it is now long distance to call to get something fixed or to have them deal with a problem like party freaks...They are turning this into a slum in my opinion... The only thing is the rent is going to be like for a descent apartment building, but with none of the perks like well kept and prompt service. So now if a pipe breaks, it is a 30 to 40 min trip into this city for him... That is amazingly ridiculous...

Click here for related topic. It has a pic of the sign that had "thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to meeting your needs". Once again, how is this meeting our needs?

By the way, this is not wrong to post this, as it was put up in a public place. That means there is no expectation of privacy with it. Just in case anyone was wondering...

Asshole Across The Hall And Her Drunken Friends

Moose Jaw to Regina the long way

Moose Jaw to Regina the long way on

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Most Important Man Ever

Bird in the Apartment

Digital Painting

Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate Came


DK Sushi House in Moose Jaw

Went to DK Sushi House (224 Main North Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) today for the first time – My friend Dave paid as a present to me. The experience was quite good and so was the food. I don’t know this stuff from nothing, but I know what I like and I loved this. The best was the Eel and the Octopus for sure. The clam was a bit tough, but full of flavor. Red Tuna has a great texture and taste. Shrimp was divine. White Tuna was a nice light taste and good texture. The Red Snapper was a bit tough, but flavorful and who does not like Salmon. The starters or Miso Soup and Salad where very good, as the Soup has a unique and light taste that can not quite be compared to anything else I have had. The Salad had the nicest dressing on it and was light and well presented. This reminds me, that the Sashimi Combo came out on this clay boat on a bed of shaved carrots and was served with Wasabi and Pickled Ginger. Now the Wasabi is not real, as it is hard to import and all, but tastes much the same a…

Digital Gods

Luvhaggis goes nuts?

Ok after the homophobic message and a drunken video gay bashing a trans-gender woman; this YouTuber desides to put up this background... Translation from French to English is, "homophobia is insane"... WTF? I am not clear on the message she is trying to say...

The best part is the video she made was in defense of a gay man... Like holly cow - nuts much?

You know to be fare, she used to be a bit strange but a good person. Then all of the sudden poof she goes mental. Something I do not know about must have happened to make her do this madness. I just do not understand.

What is wrong with this sales slip?

LOL It it can't do math ;-) Part of a sales slip fro Moose Jaw Co-op...