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Got a reply form Canada Post on the mail delivery (kind of)...

Ok three posts back I talked about the fact we got a note telling us the mail is cut off. For one thing he delivered the next day, so I have no idea what the heck is going on... But I filed a complaint with the post office. This is their response.
Well all I can tell you is I know many people who have had complaints about not getting proper service and they all went to the same thing. They just hand it over to the local P.O. to look at and they justify the postal workers lack of doing his/her job. It is always mazing to see how they do this.
For example I am 6 foot tall and over 400lbs. I am very very large and I can fit threw a womans arch she has at the gate to her property with no problems. The postal worker looked at it with all them green leafy things on it and ran the other way. They stopped delivering to her and she filed a complaint with the same people I just did. They looked at it and said, "yep it is a hazard" and no mail for her.
I just read a comment on my video ab…

The Bible People Fail Again...

God hates fags in the page title, then there is a badge about civility... OMG - I guess god wants you to steel peoples music for your videos by the way LOL! And that Non gay music stuff - LOL! There is something to be picked at with all of them, these are just the best examples... Holly cow the first one is a Lesbian! I guess God loves Lesbian sex just as much as straight men LOL...

Lap Dancing Teachers and YouTube Glitches

Mail delivery has been cut off.

Ok we just got our mail cut off. Zarkor's manager for our building insists on having the front door locked all the time and there is no buzzer. So no mail will be delivered.
Below is an email I sent to the building manager (Warren):
Ok this is not acceptable at all. This situation needs to be fixed and soon. We have the right to expect mail delivery. I for one can not get to the post office, as I can not walk that far being disabled. As well a cab there and back would be $10 once a week to pick up mail would be $30 to $40 a month. This is too much money to be expected to pay out. I am trying to be a nice person here and give you the benefit of doubt. But it seems that little is being done to accommodate us in this matter. There are other, stronger, options in regards to our rights that can be pursued and I would not like to have to do that, but will tell you I will if I have to. I get mail I need to receive in order to get my disability allowance to help cover the rent. Dave…

YouTube Code Fail

Ok this is my own subscribers list... LOLS I have everything in English on my page and have it set for Canada and English. It tells me now (for the first time) that it is in French and do I want it translated LOL... OMG! Another YouTube code fail... LOLS.

Mail Man strikes again...

The wonder that is our building manager strikes again. I can not afford a cab to the post office for my mail, nor can I walk there as I am disabled. As you see we got a notice about the front door being locked all the time. This needs to be resulted and I mean now like. We have the legal right to mail and this is not fair practice to say the least. I am sending a letter to the rentalsman and to my land lord with this image attached. I am starting to get a lot sick of things not being handled in a fare manner. We are human beings and we have rights, this is starting to be more than we should ever be expected to have happen to us.

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Another day in the mini hood...

Well yesterday (Friday Feb. 13, 2010) we got the locks changed in the building. All of the locks. Now the front door will be locked 24/7 and the laundry rooms need a key to open them. First I must say that is all and well, but how do I get a package delivered now? The postal people can get in (so I am told) but the currier can’t. So being that I am unlisted, how do they get hold of me to let me know it is at the drop spot on Main? Ho hum.
So food deliveries I will have to limp down the stairs to let them in and so on. Friends can no longer just drop in, as the door is locked 24/7. I can go on and on, but won’t.
So you see the photo of my door on this post. This is how they left it for over 30 minutes. I am so glad I was home, as anyone could have come in and taken anything. How silly was that. Totally unprofessional. I can get over the front door thing, as I think it is a good idea anyways, but this was just wrong.
As well there is other things that I wish they would do first, like fix t…

How I Remember Her

The soft rain over these bricked city streets, and I remember her.
The soft fuzzy skin of a peach, I remember her.
The faint hint of jasmine and I remember her.
I look over the fields filed with flowers, I remember her.
But is the really how it was?
I don’t know, but this is how I want to remember her.

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