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My New Apartment

Will be moving on the 15th...

Last Time Tag

1 Last thing to eat?
2 Last thing you drank?
3 Last time you went shopping for clothing?
4 Last time you went out with no underwear?
5 Last time you cleaned the bathroom?
6 Last time you went out for supper?
7 Last time you went out for coffee?
8 Last time you got drunk?
9 Last time you ordered food to your home?
10 Last time you got physically sick?

2 Water
3 Two months ago
4 Today
5 Last month
6 This afternoon
7 Tonight
8 Last month
9 Three weeks ago
10 The 14th of March, 2010

16 Hours on Blip

Continued on to 26 hours on blip...

26 hours on blip - kind of...

Well I got the 24 hour badge from ( I cheated though - the last 6 hours where done by a friend LOLS. I just could not stay awake any longer, so I passed it on to him to finish. I had a list of them, so it was easy for him to do :) You see you only need to post 1 song every hour for 24 hours to get the badge. We posted more than that and longer than that... Here is the list:
8:00 AM Hour 1
Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor
Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies
Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins
Flogging Molly - What's Left of the Flag
Flogging molly - If i ever leave this world alive
Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday
Flogging Molly - Black Friday Rule
Flogging Molly - Tobacco Island

9:00 AM Hour 2
black sabath - iron man
Black Sabath - Planet Caravan
Black Sabath - Paranoid
Black Sabath - Symptom Of The Universe - cover Matter of Time
Black Sabath - I am Santa Claus

10:00 AM Hour 3
HIM - Don't Fear The …

Mooo - Mooo - Moving

I think this is post #100 on this Blog...

Ghost Story on the Spot


Been blipping my ass off - almost 300 tonight... Most I have ever done in a row...

52 top metal videos...

52 The Sickness - Disturbed 51 Ascendancy - Trivium 50 Masterplan - Masterplan 49 Toxicity - System of a Down 48 The Black Waltz - Kalmah 47 Back in Black - AC/DC 46 Crimson - Edge of Sanity 45 Rising - Rainbow 44 The Chemical Wedding - Bruce Dickinson 43 Rocket Ride - Edguy 42 Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses 41 Mafia - Black Label Society 40 Advance and Vanquish - 3 Inches of Blood 39 Soul Temptation - Brainstorm…

And then the Hospital gives me an Infection or 3!

So I got an infection in my incision. And in the IV sight from the operating room. I was unaware and got sick from it, so I went to the hospital again and then gave me an IV to pump me full of drugs for the infection. Guess what? The IV sight on the other hand got infected even worse than the left hand.

So now I have two very sore wrists (the right one way more so) and an infected belly button. So they hocked me up to an IV again – this time in the left arm – and pumped me full of a tone of drugs. Now I am taking some pills for the next 10 days. With luck this will fix it. After all, I think that there is a chance of them treating me to death in this hospital of ours.

When I was getting the treatment this last time around, the nurse dropped something on the floor and picked it up. She did not change her gloves, thus ending the “Clean Field”. As well I was reading that they should be using two different types of stuff to clean the sight before you get the IV. First an alcohol swab for 30…

Going for Surgery

Back now with infections fro the hospital...

Having part of me riped out...


OK so if I am not posting in 2 months I am dead...

Broken Washing Machine...

I want to see the repair person when they see this...

Generic warning

Generic warning: All rants on Facebook, YouTube and the AxeMoose Blog are to be taken as entertainment... They may or may not be true and I am not going to tell you what ones are not.

Alphabet Tag 3 (GBLTQ)

A is for ass.
B is for bi-sexual.
C is for condoms.
D is for dance queen.
E is for earrings.
F is for fassion
G is for gaydar.
H is for homo.
I is for icons.
J is for jazz.
K is for kink.
L is for leather.
M is for man art.
N is for NYC.
O is for the big O.
P is for pride.
Q is for queer.
R is for rainbow.
S is for sin like you mean it.
T is for tie up games.
U is for uniform fetish.
V is for Vaseline.
W is for whips.
X is for x cross to tie someone to.
Y is for YMCA.
Z is for zucchini

Alphabet Tag 2 (In My Apartment)

A is for art pad although I suck at drawing.
B is for brush that I use on the john.
C is for candle.
D is for desk.
E is for eggs.
F is for frying pan.
G is for gay pride wrist band.
H is for hat.
I is for ink cartridge.
J is for jam.
K is for knife.
L is for lighter.
M is for mouse.
N is for needles to sow with.
O is for opener for my mail.
P is for paper.
Q is for quarters.
R is for razor.
S is for stapler.
T is for toaster.
U is for used books.
V is for Vincent Price Movies.
W is for waste basket.
X is for xtreme chips.
Y is for yam.
Z is for zipper.

Alphabet Tag 1 (Ham Radio)

(Amateur Radio Terms Alphabet 1 or 3)

A is for Azimuth Rotor. (a type of antenna movement rotor)
B is for Balun Coil. (to match impedance form one thing to another)
C is for Choke. (a type of filter)
D is for DX. (stands for distant transitions)
E is for Electronics. (if it dont have this, it is not a radio LOL)
F is for Ferrite Bead. (tames electric interference in whirs and antenna cables)
G is for GPS. (just like in your car, but deals with numbers for a map location)
H is for HDX (half duplex).
I is for Icom. (a manufacturer or radio equipment)
J is for J Pole. (a modified zepp antenna yes I know this tells you nothing)
K is for Keys. (to send Morse Code)
L is for License. (you will need one of these)
M is for Morse Code. (a type of binary communication)
N is for Nets. (like a chat room, but on the air)
O is for Operator. (the ham)
P is for Phonetic Alphabet. (so it is more understandable spelling something out)
Q is for QSL Card. (info on you sent to a contact you made)
R is for …

My Feet :)

19 Axle Truck

Postal Workers For The Loss - AKA Fire the Lot of Them

Eating Pizza with Some Crust Dipper