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So why inspect the apartment while I am still living in it?

So I have not even begone to move out of here yet. I gave the end of the month as the date I will be vacating on the proper form and all that. But instead of waiting until I am out of here and the place is properly cleaned, they are inspecting tomorrow (Apr 07, 2010). The best part is I can't find one person that has gotten the damage deposit back from these Zarkor people. This does not make sense at all.

By the way, this is a photo of the stairs to the basement apartments from the front of the building. You will notice the vast amount of dirt and the piles of rubbish on the stairs. There is also I light at the end of the hall that has been out for several weeks now (they have been informed - against safety regulations); The light over the pull for the fire alarm is out on this floor for several months (this is against code); Downstairs there is a bike blocking the fire door (another violation); The ventilation on this floor and the next one up is not working (code violation) - the…

So just when you think it is safe...

So just when you think it is safe and you have a good place to live for a long time, reality comes and slaps your face a good one. I just found out that when the rent in the new building I am moving to goes up, it will go up $300. Now this is way the hell out of my price range for sure.

This was my last hops for a safe and affordable place to live in Moose Jaw. What can I say – Greed is the greatest motivator in the lives of all the building owners in this city I guess. After all, when you are making a good profit at $500 for rent, why do you need to charge $800?

This leaves me with no options that are safe and good for my disability at all. I can’t afford to be taking a cab downtown to shop and to see Mom and help her out all the time. So I would be stuck with not helping her at all. This is a great loss for the both of us and she may have to go to a care facility in that event.

The other part of this being a horrible thing is safety. The buildings that are in affordable range are almos…

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