All of these are apps I literally never use. They are just taking up all kinds of space on my phone. I can't disable them or heaven forbid delete their useless asses. The phone only has 16GB or memory and less than 5GB is free after installing the apps I do use and the bloated operating system with all of it's fancy transitions and animations that I can't stand. Did I forget to mention that the keyboard is oversized and I literally could not read it? Well I had to download another one to get around that. Not to mention that the menus are hard as hell to read for me now. The transition to Android 5 on the Galaxy S4 was hellish to me. I love the freedom with Android, but this is making me long for my iPhone. But the limitations of the iPhone in an unjailbroken state are way too limiting. So I will put up with the bother of this new set-up. How about you get ride of these craptacular colours on the menus and that horrible keyboard and give me back the high contrast mode that make me able to actually use the darn thing? Hell the update sucked about 1GB of storage from the phone. I can't see anything useful here thank you. Bloated and hard to read for my old eyes. Would have been nice to have more room on the phone in the first place. And being that the new ones do NOT have a card slot, why would I want to go with another Galaxy? My next one will be something that allows a card and is water resistant. I have this undying fear of dropping my coffee on it.


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