My Large Pusheen is Here AKA Pusheen Makes Life Better

OMG this was LOT of money to get into Canada but I so wanted it as I am a big fan of Pusheen. I mean you have no idea. It was almost $85. I was expecting to get a $6.50 tax bill on it and did not for some reason. This is a good thing :) The exchange rate and the $19 shipping hit hard. Being that the toy is $49 US it's a big investment. But you have to realize it's gigantic LOL. It's 20 inches long and 12 inches tall. It will be with me till my death. It will sit on the fridge like a kitty would do :) It will make me happy every time I look at it. The smaller one has given me more joy than I can describe. I suffer from chronic illness and am in pain all of the time. Sometimes the pain is indescribable and unimaginable to someone who has not been in my situation. Just lay in bed and hold the little Pusheen makes it somehow more manageable. I know she is just a stuffie, but she makes my life better. Now if only they had T-Shirts for men in 5XL :)

 Hugs and love people. And be kind to each other. Peace - Dave :)


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