We the Lost People.

The computer has become the outlet to social interaction for a LOT of people now. I know it's a blessing for people like myself who are home alone most of the time. But it is the referred method of interaction by a LOT of people now.

The separation though has driven us to turn friends on and off like they where a game. They say things that they would never say in real life. They do NOT see others as real even though when it happens to them it hurts them.
The reaction to bullying and the level of bullying has ramped up to an extreme. They don't seem to care that real lives are effected and real people die. The world is getting worse and they we are heading toward a breakdown of law and order. IT will spill over into the world where people act like others are games to play instead of other humans. They literally delight in the death of others as if it where a victory instead of a tragedy.

Humanity needs to get back to being human or this is the end of society in a couple of generations. We will soon lose all that is good and be left with greed, hate and conflict alone. The pleasant interactions will die off. Already when I thank a young person who has done their job, they look at me like I am crazy. It confuses the young to be kind to them. They live in a world where the parents ignore them and their friends come and go and no one stays.

The reaction to anything different is an extreme now. There is no live and let live. There is only "YOU ARE WRONG". They see it all as a fight to rule the minds of others and to make them conform to their view, as they have been raised to think they are "Special and a Leader". We need to start training them to be people not GOD.

Peace - Dave :)


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