Service Fee Hay?

1. This was a charge that was not supposed to be coming. Smith Micro made a "Mistake" and charged me for something that was candled after I paid for the full version.

2. The FreeStyle checking account is NOT supposed to have service fees. So I am so happy to see that Conexus Credit Union has charged me $5 to have money taken out of my account when in fact I did NOT authorize it to happen.

As of yet no sign of the $45 NSF fee they threatened to charge me over this matter. Will be trying to get my $5 back as well I think. Also wondering how the hell long PayPal takes to issue the refund. Money was taken out the same moment that the "Mistake" was made. Day number two of the word "Pending" on the refund. They say it can take up to ten days to get it refunded. Well it seems you get things done right the hell now when you want the money from me, but when it's time to pay me - ten days...

Ah the wonders of finance. The mystery to us that is banking and online transactions. All those ways to screw you over if you don't watch for it. They always claim it's a mistake when things go wrong. Seems that a lot of people have mistakes made on their charges all the time. Seriously have to wonder about it all. Is it actually a common business practice to randomly bill people and see what happens? Or am I just paranoid?

* NOTE: Sarcasm is intended... Peace and Love - Dave :)

* UPDATE: A nice lady called and talked to me after I made noise on twitter. To make me happy, they waved the $5 fee. I am happy with this :)


  1. Yep, they can take your money, right now, but, it takes, ten days to get it back, what's up with that, this is the 21st century, not the turn of the 20th century.

    1. Pony Express will be delivering it all the way from California after all :)


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