Windows 10 buggy

OK down at the bottom are the first 2 updates. This was literally the same day they released Windows 10. So there where 2 patches for it the sane day LOL. Then on the 5th there was another patch. Being that it does NOT always have internet connectivity, and I am by far not alone with this bug, it may need some more fixin'... This is the 8th and I just had to reset to get it to work on the internet. Not only that something seems to be taking control when I am working just for a second. The task bar keeps getting a icon then it's gone - all in less than a second. What the living hell Microsoft? What is going on here?


  1. I uninstalled, I am sure I get it with my next computer but for now it is too buggy

    1. No worse than 8.1 was. I mean it stopped working if I left the computer on too long for fuck sake. It's still faster. But when it gets stabilized, how fast will it be?


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