Went to the Lancaster Taphouse with Dale

I started with a pint of Bohemian  Lager. I got the Smoked Cheddar Bacon Burger with fries. I finished with a Black Bridge IPA beer. The lager was sharp and tasty as all get out. The burger was out of this world good. The fries where OK. The IPA was in the top 10 beers I have ever drank so it was a treat to say the least. Total price (including liquor tax) was $33.20

I give my meal an 8 out of 10 and well worth the price. 

The bottom photo is my friend Dale pigging out on 3 - yes 3 - deserts. The cheese cake is well cheese cake. The Chocolate Torte I had a small taste of and it was rather good. The big deal was the last one, the Ale Beignets. This thing was so darn good that you can hardly imagine it. The taste was out of this world.


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