The Good Doctors Can Do. Not!

Was at one time prescribed seroquel and it made my condition worse. The so called Doctor at the time kept raising the dosage and it kept getting worse. I ended up in Hospital for 3 weeks.

This medication can cause permanent tremors in the body. Now my hands shake if I try to do any fine work or sometimes when I pick things up. Because of this I can no longer draw by hand. This has forever been taken from me.

It 's also cause Heart attacks. Irregular heartbeat. It can even cause Heart failure to set in. I am told there is a chance I've had a heart attack and I'm in heart failure.

The convergence of my physical problems and the side effects seems a bit more than random. It also can cause memory loss and I am very forgetful now.

It seems the bad doctoring has literally destroyed my life.

Risperidone is what I am on now. It works perfect for controlling my condition. It also causes rapid weight gain and I'm over 440lbs at this moment and was almost 500 at one point.

This medication has more than likely kept me from being homeless and talking to God in the streets. But it has damaged me.

The first medication made it worse and put me three a living he'll for 6 months of my life. It also may have shortened my life quite a bit.

What can I say. A doctor why never figured out what was wrong with me or why damaged me in unforgivable ways. She then gave me back my sanity but at a very high price.

Now with all my medical problems I tend to be ignored constantly by doctors who literally won't let me describe what is happening in detail. I am often passed off and sent home untreated. I have been in unspeakable pain and given over the counter meds that are for pain one tenth of what I was in. I also have a doctor who does not believe fibromyalgia and CFS is real.

I'm stuck. If I move to a different province I will end up in poverty as disability here pays way more than other places. Here I can't always eat healthy all the way threw the month on what I make, but I'm doing a lot better than I was.

To put it in perspective, I'm stuck and I'm done for.


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