Critical Update? And Storage Devices

Yeah that worked well. So for some reason McAfee updater and or Microsoft thinks I have Office 2010. Well I stopped using that a long time ago to use the newest version that has the cloud storage and what not. BTW it's a great deal, for $7 a month (plus tax) you get all off the office apps and 1TB of storage. I love the storage I keep a hell of a lot of things in there like my software downloads and a large amount of photos and music. We are talking about tens of thousands of files. This way if the place burns down and I lose all my drives then I can get it all from the cloud. I have a 2TB external and a 3TB portable drive that I keep in my fire safe. There is little chance of all 3 failing at once - that being primary storage in the PC, the external and the portable. Not to mention I have a 64GB stick I can dump a massive amount of video on and take it to a friends or out for coffee with me and they can toss it on their laptop out there. The thing is a USB 3 and one of the faster ones. The bit rate is very high and I love it. For my high zoom camera I have a 1000X class 10 64GB SDHC card. The thing is capable of recording 4K video without blinking - although the camera only does 1080P at 60HZ. But I can take a couple hour hours of video and hundreds of photos while out on a shoot and it will dump them threw the card reader onto the PC in a very short time.


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