PaintShop Pro X8 SP2 - Crashes Often

Yeah so... PaintShop Pro X8 SP2 installed and nothing but problems since. The ticket I put in to the support people was responded to with, "Make sure you clear the temp folder at least once a week".  They also went on about how to do just that. Anyway, This is after it crashed on me when I tried to change the fill for a font to a pattern. The temp folder is shown below. As you see it is not even close to the limit for the temp folder. Knowing just enough about how things work but not being a world call expert, I have to wonder why the hell they use the temp folder at all. There are obvious problems to doing this - like having to wait in line to use it, the program crashes. Well what do you know. See every other program I use has it's own temp folder that is on it's own some place - more than often in the user data folder (also hidden). There the limitations of the system temp folder are not in play. Then when they are done, they empty their temp folder most of the time.

BTW to get to the temp folder open file explorer (or any folder) then in the navigation bar (at the top of the folder - tells you where the folder is) click it and type %Temp% then press return. This will put you right in the temp folder. Click anything then hold down Ctrl and press A - this will select everything then just hit Delete. Now not everything will be removed. There should be between 3 and 6 files that won't delete - just click skip for them. These files need to be there (kind of). If you have Ccleaner it will remove the items from the folder for you. You can add in other folders to it's list as well if you like. There is a pro version that will allow you to schedule cleanings. If you really want to you can google how to get rid of all the crap windows literally never removes as well. Ccleaner does not tough these. There are 2 other folders with a pile of stuff in them that are not needed. But don't just start opening folders and removing stuff... BTW I recommend you NEVER use a registry cleaner - ever. They can do way more harm than good at times. 98% of the time they will remove file extentions that you are using and then you have to set what program uses them again...

Anyway - just wanted to bitch and moan about PSP crashing no matter what you do. The temp thing will cause it BTW, but it will do it anyway. If I could afford PhotoShop CC subscription I would be there as well as Illustrator. BUT oh well... See the expense can't be planed for as the subscription is in USD and I am in Canada - our dollar goes up and down in comparison to the US and it will be a different payment every month. If it was in CND I would do it. See Microsoft does it in my countries money, why can't they? Oh well - I'm out of here...


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