YouTube Why You Email Me So Much?

YouTube you suck. So I have it set to NOT email me when an upload is finished, yet here we are getting emails literally every time I upload for the last two weeks. Sigh. Not to mention it's hit and miss if the uploader is going to even work properly that day or not. Some times it will literally have five hours to upload a six minute video. With a file size of 781mb you would think it would go up fast, nope very slow. The speed test on my modem is clocking the upload at 7.23mbs, so it's not the modem. The next day I uploaded a 1.35 GB video in 11 minutes. So your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell is going on with the YouTube uploader this last while. Not to mention Chrome for a moment there was literally not allowing me to upload to any site at all. Go figure.


  1. thats not what mine look like, mine have

    Send me emails about my YouTube activity (except emails I've unsubscribed from)


    Only send me required service announcement emails

    I have the second one checked


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