I'm Just Not Going To Peal A Mushroom

If I call a person a friend, I love them like close family. But I tell you now and then there is just something infuriating. This time it’s “you have to peal mushrooms.” There is a back story to this, and that is my one friend getting seriously upset and literally telling him mom that we were picking on him. He was in his 50’s at the time BTW.

Three of us insisted that there is literally no need to peal a mushroom, because there literally is no reason, unless the mushroom is old. But he got extremely upset over it.

His reasoning was “I was told in cooking class to do it.” Well, here is the deal, we both took the same class, with the same instructors. Not once was I or anyone else in the class told to peal them. We were instructed to clean them with a bit of paper towel instead. Here is an important part – never wash them. They will soak up water if you do.

Pealing them is a complete waste of good food. It also removes the best part of the mushroom. The outer layer is where most of the flavor is. If you remove it, you get rid of most of the taste of the mushroom.

Yes, I know “google it”. Well, the only people I see telling you to peal them, are not trained cooks, they are self-taught and on YouTube. Not one actual chef has said to do this. Not one that I have found anyway.

I cooked for seven years in a row when I was in my twenties. I worked under several actual certified chefs. Not once was I told to peal a mushroom. In fact, when they cooked, they never pealed them either. They used a brush or paper towel to clean them, then cut them and cook them. Again, DON’T wash them.

Sure, if you want to mess up the mushroom, and destroy most of the flavor, all for the sake of being “safe” in your mind, go for it, they are your mushrooms to destroy. But if you want me to eat the food, please don’t mess them up like that, I want to taste them in the full.

Again, I love my friend like he was my brother, but it’s amazing to me that he needs to be right so badly, that years later, he is still bringing up the dang pealing of the mushrooms. It will literally be out of the blue most of the time, a totally random topic change.

A bit of extra information, I have talked to a number of people that took the same course we both took and asked them about being told to peal mushrooms, not one of them was told to do this either.


  1. My grandma always peeled the mushrooms but I dont, I dont know why she did it because I was a dirtbag teenager when she died and didnt ask.


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