3 Unrelated Things

This is a fractal I did. I was playing with custom colors and having the image tile on the objects seems to have come out rather cool in this case. In other cases not so much.
A friend from Australia (Earth Lion) sent me some coffee and some treats. This was one of the two bags of coffee and was it ever yummy. I have noticed that in Canada everything is slightly bigger. The rest of the world seems to have coffee in 200g bags and the ones made for the Canadian market all have 250g. A bottle of booze is 750ml and most of the planet it's 700ml. I have literally no idea why though.
Picked a couple of these up after coffee last month. The are tasty as heck. I like the spicy ones more, but all they had was Original. Yes there is literally "clam juice" in this, along with tomato juice. I have no idea how this got started as a thing, but it's a Canadian invention. The Caesar is also the most popular cocktail in Canada by far.


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