Saw an Accident Just a While Ago

First off, I have to say, this is exactly how to handle the situation. They pulled off the road out of traffic. The first thing the woman in the red pants did was make sure everyone was OK. Both sides where very courteous. They exchanged into and then the one older lady from the black car comforted the younger women when she became upset. I'm glad to see kind people who don't go right to fight mode when an accident happens.

As you see, this is a 4 way stop. I happened to be looking when this happened. The woman in the white car (with red pants) was traveling East on Caribou St. East and stopped at the sign. The person traveling North in the Dark vehicle stopped at the sign just as the woman started into the intersection. The Dark one then went and by this time she was in front of him. It appears to me, she tried to speed up to get out of the way, but did not. The Dark car hit her on the passenger side, but not very hard.

I did not go over, but it seems there was some miner damage. Unfortunately, with the price of getting a car that was manufactured in the last 20 years fixed, it will be expensive.

I have been hit a couple times in the past and can tell you, that the pain from both of them set in the next day for some reason. Not being a doctor, I can't tell you why, so I hope no one will end up in pain from this.

This intersection is very busy and I often wonder why there are no lights here. But again, I am assuming I don't know as much as the people who make that choice.


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