6 Older Animated Movies Reviewed

I wanted to watch the following 6 movies, but I seem to have given away the DVD’s they were on and can’t find them on streaming that is not bootleg. So I’m just going to review them from memory, as I’ve seen all of them more than once.

Heavy traffic (1973)


My rating 8/10 IMDB Rating 6.4/10

A mix of animation and live action, this film is about a young man who “drops out” and tries to create comics, in the hope they will become popular. Living with his parents in an impoverished apartment building, he gets mixed up with people of a criminal mindset. He tries to pitch a movie idea to a producer, about an apocalyptic future where the world is ravaged by war and pollution. It does not go over well, as it is seen to be outlandish in nature. Later on his parents start to be in conflict with him.

Rock & rule (1983)


My rating 7/10 IMDB rating 6.4/10

Angel, a punk rock who wants to be in an apocalyptic future world, is kidnapped by a devilish super star, who wants to use his voice to summon a demon, in order to control all of humanity and gain powers. The rest of the band then travels to “Nuke York” to try and free her from the evil Mok. The movie is kind of trippy and out there for most people, but I enjoyed it. Typical edge animation style of the era.

Coonskin (1975)


My rating 7/10 IMDB rating 6.4/10

This movie looks to be rather racist in nature to the modern eye. It is in fact a satirical look at how the races interacted in the USA in the 1970’s. It shows the outright racial gap and systemic racism that still plagues the country to this day (just to a lesser degree). The use of extreme stereotyping is in play here, and may deeply offend people. The message is rather hidden by how modern eyes will see this movie. But it is an attempt to show how terrible things were for minorities and how entitled the white driven system was (and to an extent still is). Keep in mind this was 1975 and it’s exposing extremely racist systematic treatment of minorities.

Hay good lookin' (1982)


My rating 7/10 IMDB rating 6.1/10

This is a rather strange movie. It deals with a woman who meets up with a rather strange man who shows her the remains of a leather jacket, then takes her on a time travel trip to 1953. He tells her about his friends, his lover, and his gang the Stompers. He also tells about the tragic fight (rumble) between his gang and a rival gang the Chaplains. There is deep racial stereotyping in this movie, and may be offensive to some. IT is also rather violent and in a reality that is quite foreign to people such as myself. Still, I managed to enjoy it.

Wizards (1977)


My rating 10/10 IMDB rating 6.3/10

This movie is an animated feature that takes place after a world ending war that killed off humanity. Now there are only the  Fairy’s who live in an idyllic land and the Mutants who live in a wasteland. It is about two brothers who from birth were at opposing ends of morality. One extremely good and caring and one who is a war monger who wants to turn the entire world into the wasteland he dwells in. The dark wizard finds old magic (a Nazi war propaganda film), that he uses to finally motivate the lazy mutants to war with the Fairy's. The battle at the end is down to the two brothers and a battle between technology and nature. It is mostly symbolic of the opposing forces of our modern world, and the forces of nature that keep our planet alive.

Cool world (1993)


My rating 6/10 IMDB rating 4.8/10

This is the fantasy world an imprisoned cartoonist creates in his mind and on paper to escape the reality of imprisonment. The line between reality and fantasy are often blurred in this movie. It is an esoteric look at how the cartoonist becomes more imprisoned by his own fantasy world, than by the real world. There is also the idea of boundaries of society and the temptation being too strong to not give into those temptations. It’s a mix of live action and cartoon and verges on the bounds of pornographic. I would say you need to be in a rather blank mindset to enjoy this as it’s out there to say the least (thus the low IMDB rating - most people hated it). *NOTE: This also came out as a video game.*


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