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YouTube And the Common DMCA Counterclaim.

My email to YouTube

From: "Dave Nicholson"
Subject: "Please help me with this."
Date: "Wed, 30 Sep 2009 00:26:41 -0600"

September 30, 2009

On March 05, 2009 my account received a false DMCA complaint by a hater.
Don't be telling me to file a counter claim so you can give my personal
information to a hater to attack me in real life on the phone or threw the
mail. I wish the information about this complainant, the email address at
least. And I may ask, did you verify the information he gave you? I think
if you try to do so, this situation can be resolved in an amenable
fashion. Video ID was: kYTtUKsI0zY but was removed when I previously
closed the account. The title of the video was "laundry day" the user name
of the account is MyMooseJaw.

By reading your info on a counterclaim, I see that you would promptly
violate Canadian law by sending my personal information to the hater. This
is not an acceptable situation as I am unlisted and wish to stay so.

David Nich…

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Wind Storm Damage And A Small Rant On Low Income Housing Shortage

The Probe apartments had it's roof taken off today in a high wind that gusted up to 90km. The damage ended up on the west side on top of a house and damaging a truck parked in the back of that home. The incedent happened about 10am on Tuesday September 29, 2009. 25 people will be sheltered by the Red Cross. No word on weather the building will be fixed. No one was reported hurt in the indecent.

This may bring the amount of low income housing down some if the building is condemned. With the loss of many apartments to fire and construction of the Multiplex in this last couple of years, it is getting harder for low income people to live in Moose Jaw. There is no desire by the city to come up with a solution that I have herd about (nor has anyone I know). It seems they are not interested in the process of caring for those who do the little jobs the more well off people seem to take for granted.

So for now it is up in the aid if the people of The Probe will have homes to get back to. And…

About me and 3 Poems by Me :)

My name is David Nicholson and I am an artist living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. A city of about 34,000 people, referred to as the friendly city. Although it is not all that friendly at times (no place is) there is a large arts community here and a vast landscape of amazing scenery to draw inspiration from.

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember - be it sketching, photography, or my passion digital art; I feel the need to create. Art is more than just a hobby it is a way of life. It shapes you and molds you just as you shape and mold your work. My wish for all is that they could see the world in the way an artist does.

I am a single male born November 18, 1966. I live with chronic pain in my legs and back and am disabled. As well I have suffered from depression for many years. But that is not what defines me as a person; my need to create and to do things for others is what defines me. I have an endless capacity to create and to love others as I would love myself. I…

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Yes this is a Gay Pride Lay... (I am bi-sexual)

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