Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YouTube And the Common DMCA Counterclaim.

My email to YouTube

From: "Dave Nicholson"
Subject: "Please help me with this."
Date: "Wed, 30 Sep 2009 00:26:41 -0600"

September 30, 2009

On March 05, 2009 my account received a false DMCA complaint by a hater.
Don't be telling me to file a counter claim so you can give my personal
information to a hater to attack me in real life on the phone or threw the
mail. I wish the information about this complainant, the email address at
least. And I may ask, did you verify the information he gave you? I think
if you try to do so, this situation can be resolved in an amenable
fashion. Video ID was: kYTtUKsI0zY but was removed when I previously
closed the account. The title of the video was "laundry day" the user name
of the account is MyMooseJaw.

By reading your info on a counterclaim, I see that you would promptly
violate Canadian law by sending my personal information to the hater. This
is not an acceptable situation as I am unlisted and wish to stay so.

David Nicholson

The response from YouTube

This is an automated response, and your message will not be reviewed.

Your message does not appear to contain a complete DMCA related
notification. This email address is for correspondence regarding DMCA
related notifications only.

For information on how to report content to YouTube, please read this
email in its entirety.

If you wish to report abuse or inappropriate content, please visit, or if you
feel you have a privacy request, please visit

For the requirements of DMCA related notifications, or if you have
questions about our DMCA policy, please see:

If you're requesting removal of a video that is allegedly infringing your
copyright, you will need to provide us with a complete DMCA notification.
To expedite our ability to process your request, complaints may be
submitted online at You
will need a YouTube account in order to utilize this tool. If you do not
prefer to use the form please re-send an email with all of the required
information in order to process your complaint.

For help with other site-related issues, please visit our Help Center at

The YouTube Team

It seems that there is no safe way of getting a haters copyright strike off of your account. In their own words, they will provide the author of the DMCA complaint with your personal information. So if you do not wish to commit fraud and fake your info, then you are left with giving over your info to a hater or letting them kill off your channel.

This is the link for the information on filing a YouTube DMCA counterclaim:

It includes the following line: "After we receive your counter-notification, we will forward it to the party who submitted the original claim of copyright infringement. Please note that when we forward the counter-notification, it includes your personal information. By submitting a counter-notification, you consent to having your information revealed in this way."

So what is there to be done? Let YouTube break Canadian laws and hand out your information, or let your account die off. It is only YouTube after all, but they still are leaving you with no valid options. They give all the power to the haters.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Rainbow Dave For The Win...

Wind Storm Damage And A Small Rant On Low Income Housing Shortage

The Probe apartments had it's roof taken off today in a high wind that gusted up to 90km. The damage ended up on the west side on top of a house and damaging a truck parked in the back of that home. The incedent happened about 10am on Tuesday September 29, 2009. 25 people will be sheltered by the Red Cross. No word on weather the building will be fixed. No one was reported hurt in the indecent.

This may bring the amount of low income housing down some if the building is condemned. With the loss of many apartments to fire and construction of the Multiplex in this last couple of years, it is getting harder for low income people to live in Moose Jaw. There is no desire by the city to come up with a solution that I have herd about (nor has anyone I know). It seems they are not interested in the process of caring for those who do the little jobs the more well off people seem to take for granted.

So for now it is up in the aid if the people of The Probe will have homes to get back to. And I am certain there will be no help from the city or province with their problem. Just as there was no help for the two dozen or so that lost their homes to fire last winter.

I live in a lower rent building, that is well maintained. I can afford the rent here, as I get a disability subsidy for my disability. This is the only way I can live here. The rent has gone up twice since I moved in. If it gets too high, I will not have any options left at all that are safe ones. The only other places I can afford are fire hazards and falling apart. The people that I am talking about here are not in a position to pay the rent I am paying. So what of them? Are they just cast off? I pray that they are not.

About me and 3 Poems by Me :)

My name is David Nicholson and I am an artist living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. A city of about 34,000 people, referred to as the friendly city. Although it is not all that friendly at times (no place is) there is a large arts community here and a vast landscape of amazing scenery to draw inspiration from.

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember - be it sketching, photography, or my passion digital art; I feel the need to create. Art is more than just a hobby it is a way of life. It shapes you and molds you just as you shape and mold your work. My wish for all is that they could see the world in the way an artist does.

I am a single male born November 18, 1966. I live with chronic pain in my legs and back and am disabled. As well I have suffered from depression for many years. But that is not what defines me as a person; my need to create and to do things for others is what defines me. I have an endless capacity to create and to love others as I would love myself. In short I would say of myself, I am kind, intelligent and creative.

Here is a poem I done did up:

~ Live Life ~
We strive to be heard in this world.
We see the life before us and try to be relevant.
We want to be known and remembered.
We spend a life time trying to be someone we are not.
We spend our precious time trying to be immortal.
Yet we do not see what is real.
We do not see what is to come.
We do not see anything but our mask.
The world is but a flash in forever.
In time all will be forgotten.
In time there will be no trace of any of us left.
So we need to see what is important.
We need to see that we only have now.
We only have each other.
There is nothing else.
So is it a waste of time to do anything for this world?
No - for time is our greatest gift.
What little we are given must not be wasted.
We must spread a bit of life to all we encounter.
We must be part of all around us.
We are not immortal, so now is all we have.
Don't waste it; give all you can for it.
Live life!

And another one:

~ In My House Of Dreams ~
In my house of dreams there is love and no war.
In my house of dreams we all have equal ground.
In my house of dreams color is not a problem.
In my house of dreams terror lives no more.
In my house of dreams cancer and aids are a memory.
In my house of dreams money is a thing of the past.
In my house of dreams we all have homes.
In my house of dreams evil is only a concept.
In my house of dreams God is part of everyday life.
In my house of dreams we are at peace.

One last poem:

~ The Elements ~
In the wind I hear my soul,
In the wind I see the future,
In the wind I find hope.

In the water I see myself,
In the water I feel new,
In the water I can dream.

On the land I can grow,
On the land I can be,
On the land I can pray.

In the fire I see the world,
In the fire I hear the past,
In the fire there is no future.

Some pics of me - 1 played with 1 not

Yes this is a Gay Pride Lay... (I am bi-sexual)

The Blue Dave LOL...