I ordered about $110 worth of stuff on Amazon. It was 8 days later and still not shipped, so I canceled the order completely. I figured when you did that they would send out a cancelation to your credit card and the hold would vanish. NOPE.

So I used the card for a number of things locally. Then I look at the web page for my card and DANG if I'm not $88 over my limit.

This is not the end of the world, I only get interest tacked on if I go over the 7th of the next month, but it's going to trigger a letter from the bank bitching that I need to give them money to make the balance under the limit.

Well I don't have $88 and only have $30. I have already set up a payment of the $30 because I wanted to use the card some more. Well NOPE, won't be using it, as the massive hold may end up on there for weeks.

Now I'm wondering what happens if it's still on when I get paid and pay off the card, then the hold comes off. Then do I magically get my money put back in the bank that I paid extra for no valid reason? Or do I just have extra credit?

Either way I'm annoyed. I hope this gets solved very soon, I want to get a couple things at Wally World.

To sum it up, it's in no way my fault for not checking, it's all on Amazon LOL.


  1. Well my Amex just give me extra credit where my mastercard will decline the returned money and tell me they did, then I have to contact the store and have them send me a check a pain in the ass all around, my VISA only allow 5% credit so they also decline most of the return, I dont know which one you have lol but thats how mine work.

    1. Mastertcard. I'll be NOT paying the extra if it's still on there at the end of the month. The bitch is I'll get a letter nagging me.


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