I have a Samsung A50. I was running Nova Launcher, but I stopped using it as it keeps going back to the Samsung launcher every single time I open any app, so I uninstalled Nova. I tried all the tricks in the book to get it to run stable, but NOPE. So back to the crappy UI from Samsung. I'm so not paying for Apex to replace it. The customization on the native launcher is extremely limited. Most icon packs do NOT support this launcher and there is no place to install icon packs except the Samsung store, so all my icon packs are now of no use. This is the default theme you are seeing with my own background on it, I made it with a program on my PC called Bryce 7.1 Pro. The worst part of this UI, is you cannot hide the apps you will literally never use, so I tossed them in a folder and named it "Shit Apps" LOL. There is no way to have infinite scrolling turned on so you have to go back and forth with no ability to wrap around to the start from the last screen. As well the home screen is set to the first and can't be changed. The number of icons is set to one of 3 groupings they give you and you can't custom set the groupings. The tray at the bottom is also set to a certain number and that's it. I had 7 items down there I used often when I had Nova running. Now I have to go looking for the apps instead of them just being there at the bottom. But oh well, little chance of this one dropping dead on my like Nova did. BTW I've had 34484 on my note pad for about 7 years and I have not one clue why I put it there. But I'm keeping it just in case I figure out why I needed it LOL.



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