The common arias are supposed to be closed to the public in my building. The main floor where some tables and chairs are, is roped off with caution tape. However in the basement where the laundry is, there is also a recreation room with a TV and a few exercise machines. The rec room is not taped off and people are ignoring the sines saying not to enter and going in there anyway. This is one of the reasons I think I'm doomed.

As for laundry, it sucked. I have to wear a mask to be in the public arias of the building (out of my apartment). I also have had stuff go missing in other buildings when I left my laundry. So I have gotten into the habit of staying with my stuff as it washes and dries.

Wearing the mask the entire time is a bother to say the least. This was my last disposable one and the cloth mask was in the wash. The dang thing kept popping off my chin and going into my eyes. Folding the laundry was the worst part and it must have popped into my eyes 8 or 9 times. I really need to get a few more cloth ones. I had some on order with Amazon, but I canceled it as it was 8 days and still not shipped. I'll head to Walmart one of these days and see if I can get a couple extra cloth masks there.

Also I need some bedding (fitted sheets). I had that on order as well, but it came up as "out of stock" while I was waiting for it to ship. Never had that happen before. But fortunately after the Amazon holds scroll off my credit card, I should be able to go get some at Walmart. In any event, it will all happen, just not delivered to my door.


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