So put in an order for delivery the other day. I've noticed that the delivery prices for items are slightly higher than if I order for pickup. As well the price for delivery was all over the place until they settled for $7.99. You may think that's a LOT for delivery, but to be honest most of the orders from this store are quite large, so the person needs to do a lot of work getting them to you. I also always tip 5% as I can afford it most of the time and the person is doing a lot of heavy lifting when I get a big order. This was hotdogs for the day after the delivery and pickles for the Christmas holiday. It's a family tradition to nibble on prickled things for a week leading up to Christmas day. The total was actually a couple bucks less when it came as one item had to be substituted for a lesser priced one. For people like me, it's a blessing to get it to the door and not have to go out there and try and get it all to my apartment. With a big order if there are no carts in the garbage room, I have to make 5 or 6 trips to the car to get it all up to my place. Being disabled, this is a problem for me. In Moose Jaw it's a second party company that delivers BTW.



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