First thing in the morning, I put the kettle on and go do my thing cleaning up in the bathroom. By the time I shave and brush my teeth, the kettle is boiling. I put some coffee in the French Press and pour in the boiling water and put the lid on but not press it down.

I check Facebook and Twitter, then by the time, ten minutes has lapsed and I press down the plunger on the coffee press and pour a cup.

I sit quietly looking out the window and sip away at the coffee. I do let it cool first, as my mouth cannot handle very hot drinks. Mom drank it right out of the pot and I have no idea how as I'd be in terrible pain.

This time before I fire up YouTube or watch some streaming service or get at my tasks for the day is a great way to wake up and gently start the day.

Coffee is a great pleasure to me and to be honest some people think there is decaf that is as good, but it's a lie. I've tried and it's always sucked very badly to drink decaf. The strange thing is, if I miss my morning coffee, I don't get a headache or become irritable like some people do. I just enjoy the hell out of the taste.

Getting a French Press was the best idea I've had in 20 years. The taste is so much better this way. The drip maker can't come even close to the taste of the press.


  1. I dont think Decaf is better but I put so much sugar and creamer in mine that the taste is very semiar, the taste of sugar and creamer lol

    1. I don't pollute any of my drinks including coffee. I like just the thing I'm drinking.

  2. Also now I half and half the beans, half regular and half decaf mixed together

    1. The one woman I watch on YT does the same - half decaf and regular coffee in her stove top espresso maker.


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