Extra Food Order (All Veggie)

Some of the extra stuff I ordered when I made my money oops. The sausage in this sausage chili is a vegan sausage (Italian Spice). There is also a jar of hot salsa, a can of pasta sauce (with fetta), corn, red kidney beans, a packet of taco seasoning mix. I cut up the sausage and left it on the bottom and layered the rest, and put it on high for 2.5 hours. Lastly, mixed it well and put it in containers and then eat some.
Got some bonus chips, I did not order these and they do more than one order at a time, so I got some other persons chips. I tried to text the number they service texts updates from, but there was no reply. By the time I email them or get them on Twitter, the other people will either have forgotten it, or got a credit already. So I have chips. I also got salad mix and a whack of cucumbers.
Had 2 beer left in the fridge from many weeks ago (about a month ago), so I am drinking them for lunch. I had a salad for breakfast, so it's all good LOL. I also watched 4 movies and am about to watch a 5th and it's only 11:41 am. The early bird watches the movies after all.

This is a mug from my High School (Vanier Collegiate Institute) - a Catholic High School, so drinking beer out of it is quite normal LOL.


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