Windows Updates are a Pain

This happens a LOT with security updates. I'll notice my heard drive hitting non stop for 15 minutes and the PC is almost not usable because the update is using 99% of the processor time.

Freaking thing with ALWAYS hang at 10% and just sit there chewing on my hard drive for 15 minutes to half an hour and I can't get anything done until it finishes.

Seriously, is it so hard to make the update suck less processor time? Other operating systems so it, they update and you literally don't know it's happening. Not windows it's like a child throwing a tantrum and you can hardly deal with it.

*Update: It appears Microsoft wants processors with TPM 2.0 to give you the upgrade. This does not seem to jive as a friend has a new this year processor in his work station and it tells him he is not eligible to upgrade.


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