I Don't Want Windows 11

I went to the Microsoft page for Windows 11 and looked at the Minimum requirements and have at least double in all respects - often more than double.

I download the tool to see if I can get the upgrade and it says NOPE you don't meat system requirements. Well one of them is obviously a lie.

The thing is I do NOT want to go to windows 11 on my current PC at all. So if by magic in a future update it decides to give it to me I'll be pissed off. It tells me I won't get it and I'm hoping it's right.


  1. If Microsoft "MAKES" you switch to Windows 11 and it is clear you don't want it one surefire method to stick the middle finger at them is to switch to an open source alternative such as Linux, it isn't hard to learn it as a lot of people say I have used it and one particular flavor that would tickle your fancy is Ubuntu Studio it's made for creators (http://www.ubuntustudio.org/)

    1. I am literally only sticking to Windows because it runs all my stuff. There is no Linux version of 95% of what I run. If there was the ability to run my apps in a stable manner, I'd switch in a heat beat.

    2. I also should add I currently use Windows 10 as my is and looked into windows 11 as you did but it says my pc doesn't support secure boot which I know it does but everytime I switch to it in the bios it shows me a screen that has no boot loader so I need to boot into legacy mode to use windows 10 Microsoft really can such at times


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