Jigsaw Puzzle Update

As I've said multiple times, I have been using Jigsaws Galore for years, and really enjoy the program. It is out for PC and Mac. I've not kept track of my puzzles until last year, so I have more than likely done thousands more than is shown below. But this is the batch I have kept track of. I'm working on "Classic" folder right now, and changed them from 300 piece to 120 piece puzzles. I get bored with the same puzzle after a while this last few weeks, so I changed the numbers. Strange thing is, I don't get bored by doing 30 puzzles in a day for some reason, just with the same one for a long time. Anyways, here is the list. BTW The last NSFW folder is done now, I just did not bother to re-screen cap the list for here.


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