Coffee, Stress Toys, and Tag Videos

It was sunny when I woke up and I actually had a good sleep for a change. Because of this, I am in a great mood today. Well, I'd like my refund to show up on my credit card like now so I can go get a couple of things I need and want, but it's still a great day. Even went outside for a while.

I had some coffee as you can see below - my Moka pot on the stove and my favorite coffee cup. Also you can see I got the "stress toys" out again and they are on the fridge once more. I'm kind of sure no one actually noticed them, I've never seen anyone look anyway. If they don't have a gander at the large stuffed toy cay (Pusheen) with a cowboy hat one, they are not going to notice these. They seem to be kind of tacky now, I think they are degrading or something. They where never sticky before.

I'm also doing next years tag videos for my tag channel. This is two months worth being transferred to a folder on my PC so I can mass upload them after I rename the files. I'm glad I got the connect the phone with a cable thing working, the phone companion or whatever it is, sucked. The transfer speed was extremely low. This tossed them over to the desktop in a very short time.

Anyway, time to upload a wack of videos and play a few puzzles as they upload. Have a good one (people often say that here).



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