Stop Clicking Scam Ads and Stop Typing Amen

Can people be more stupid? All these type Amen things. The latest is a check for $2,00,000 if you type Amen. Almost a million responses to this crap. I mean, after you typed Amen 7,534 times and literally fuck all happened, how do you not get this and just keep doing it. It's like a person that keeps touching an electric fence thinking one of these times it will feel good.

It's the same mentality of the people who think they are going to get Microsoft office for the rest of their life, complete with the 1TB of could storage for $29.95 and then give a credit card number to some random scammer on Facebook. There is a reason that half the things you see on there are scam advertisements.

It never ceases to amaze me that people I thought where intelligent fall for scams on the internet. I'm not talking about chatting with someone who is super smooth that will end up ripping you off after 2 months of chats, and gaining your trust. I'm talking about oh that sounds like a great idea, let's click that link right now.

I saw one the other day that was for "app testers" on Facebook. Like right, I'm installing some random app on my phone and playing with it to supposedly get paid. I'm sure it's not just a malicious app, that will key log my password to my online banking account, or copy my saved payment information. FFS.

And some people just keep falling for stuff. Time and time again they get ripped off and I'm amazed they don't ever get it and stop clicking everything.

The old saying "A fool and his money are soon parted" is so very freaking true.


  1. AMEN lol you know my mother inlaw fell for every scam she came accross, I still remember the day she told me that everything was going to be great because she just signed up for a senior citizen program paying seniors 50k a month for life, I taled to her so many times about these scams but she kept falling for them, she believed that noone would ever lie to her, it was a part of her Born again Christian beliefs, why they fall for it I dont know but you are right it is a problem.

    1. Facebook has one that keeps coming up with a different user name each time, and that alone is proof FB does not give a shit what people advertise. It says it's going to get you $40,000 from the Government of Canada for your disability, and your family members the same amount. Here is the kicker, they want you to literally send them $4,000 (10%) in advance to do the paperwork for you, claiming it's a "hidden fund". Literally thousands have fallen for this shit. It pops up about once a month, and has been for 2 years now. Sigh.


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