2 Movie Reviews

The Prince (2019)

This movie is based on a pulp fiction novel that had almost no circulation. I find it interesting because the movie is very good. It's set in a very violent prison in the 1970's and is a homoerotic drama. There is a lot of content in this movie that will be considered a trigger to some people, so maybe not watch if you are easy to be triggered on violence or non consensual sex (kind of). This starts out dark and gets darker as it goes on leading to murder. Was expecting more from it because it was so hyped up. I would use the word gritty on this. 7/10

Cinema Paradiso (1988)

This is the story of a now rich and famous movie maker. It is a recalling of his childhood in a village and his friendship with the cinema projectionist. It's rather a coming of age movie where the boy grows and learns along the way. I remember first seeing this in the 1990 on TV late at night and being blown away by it. It really gripped me. 10/10


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