Website Purge - Deleted My Accounts

Well, after deleting TikTok from my life, I decided to get rid of nine more sites I never really use anymore. So they are all deleted but one, that being Qora, for some dang reason it just won't delete. I followed all the steps, and it just won't go away, so I turned everything in the settings off, and I'm just going to abandon it, knowing no notifications will be emailed to me. Qora was the only one of the nine I was active on, and I'm just no longer interested in answering questions over there, so goodbye to it. The others, I have not used in over 2 years, so they can be gone and not cared about. I updated my password list and encrypted it as always, then sent it to my phone. Now I'm a bit lighter on what I have accounts for. I'm kind of sure I have accounts on several sites, that I can't remember, but they will be in an email I no longer have, so I don't really care, I'll be locked out anyway. So now on with a less cluttered life, and on to delete some apps off my phone. BTW, MeWe was one of them, I literally don't care anymore, no one ever interacts, It's like talking to yourself. 


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