Humanity Will Never Be Free of Oppression


I listen to every episode of The Moth on my podcast app. They are always entertaining, moving, inspirational, and sometimes devastating to listen to. Today I got devastating. I listened to a woman who was a reporter traveling to Syria to report on the civil conflict there. This ends up making me feel so bloody lucky to be where I am, so I will never experience the things she did. She describes being in a cell not knowing if she is going to die. The cell is covered in blood. She focuses in on a young boy being tortured to death. She listens as he screams in pain and begs to God for help, and cries out for his Mother. This makes me so intensely sad for people who live this. It also fills me with intense rage toward people who can do things like this and still sleep at night. Humanity can be the most glorious of creatures and the worst of demons. Long ago I lost the ability to think we will not end our planet in a hellish nuke fight. Things like this make it harder for me to see that humanity has done great things to help the world. The fact that the country to the south of us right now has several states that have passed laws to harm Transgender people is repugnant to me. To literally take away peoples freedoms and rights as a human being is not acceptable. I see the possibility of  religious zealous taking over and people being murdered for how they where born to be. People already on mass think being trans is somehow the greatest threat to humanity. It's an easy step to the tipping point and the American version of the night of breaking glass. The older I get the more I feel for others, and I feel rage and the desire to expel religion form the face of the earth. To be honest this won't stop thing. People who have no Gods have also done horrific things in the name of the motherland. We are not capable of change for one simple reason, there will always be the rise of evil. It comes in cycles and repeats it's self in history over and over. The sad thing is, every time no one seems to see it coming until it's way too late and great harm is unleashed on humanity.


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