Deep Dream Generator - I Think It's Fun

Been playing with the free version of Deep Dream Generator. You get 20 points and they regenerate after a few hours. Later if you keep up it promotes you to Dreamer from Member and you get 35 points and a slightly faster regeneration time.

I have done almost all of my play time on it at the base settings, but you can make the image bigger, and make it better quality. I just want to play and pass time, so the base settings is good enough for me, and I can crank out 7 images with my 35 points.

I have saved every last one of them and have made puzzles out of  396 of to the time of this post.

It's very easy to use and you should be able to get onto it in a half an hour or so. All but 3 of mine have been text to Dream only and I have only used a base image 3 times so far. It's an enjoyable hobby, but I'm not going to call it creating art. There has been people who say it is creating art however. They claim it's just another tool like Blender.

It's to my knowledge the only one of it's kind that is free to use. I've seen several others and they don't give you any free ones at all. 

To give the sire a rating, I'd have to give it a 9/10. If the paid services where less money, I'd be paying for this, but It's not quite worth $19 a month in US money.


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