My 20 Hour Trip to the ER in Moose Jaw

This is me in the hospital on hour 13 of a 20 hour stay. My legs are extremely swollen and so are my feet. I explained in detail what is going on and how hard it is for me to walk right now. I was given blood work, and EKG and an ultrasound. No blog clots where found in my legs thank the Goddess. However diagnostic imaging is not available all the time in our hospital it seems. I had to wait until noon the next day to get the test done.
The staff where wonderful but overworked as there was a great deal of people in the ER that night and the next day. I've been hearing from people around the world, all saying there is a global shortage of nurses, techs and so on. I know it's the case here. I also know from people I know and trust, that a lot of corners are cut in our Saskatchewan hospitals by management, no doubt on government pressure to cut costs. The fact is, staff who are working too hard for too long makes it not safe for the staff or the patients. Mistakes can be made when your tired and have worked very long hours.
I've never worked for the health system so I can't verify what I'm told first hand, make that clear.

Getting back to my ER trip, I was not fed as out patients are not given food, I also did not receive the medications I need every day. I was given 2 Tylenol and 2 Advil, and later on a shot of pain meds. The pain level when I walk right now is an 8. At rest it's a 5. I was not given more pain meds after and I was there many hours after the first shot. I was also not prescribed anything for pain.

I got rushed out, as the places was slammed and they needed the bed before I could see the doctor again. So, I never saw the doctor a second time and had to look at my online records to see if I had clots or not. Currently I can't go get my pills they prescribed, and need to get them delivered tomorrow. That is, if they are covered by my plan, if not I'm going to need a ride there and suffer through going into the store.

I have no help here at home, and can't expect any to ever happen. So I'm cooking right now and it's a danger to me, as I could fall with hot soup in hand. I don't know what is with the side of my knee on the left side, as it was not even looked at, but this is the vast majority of the pain. I think I've hurt a tendon or muscle. At this rate, it may never heal, as I need to do everything for myself.

In any event, I would like to see more people go into health care, as it's desperately needed. I'd also like to see people like me get help temporarily to insure safety and better healing. But this is life and you do what you have to do.


  1. What a nightmare, you should have live streamed the entire time

    1. Battery would have lasted maybe 4 hours. I posted in a local group. Others why where there speaking out. Right now a nurse is trying to explain to a dumb ass hoe bad of a shortage there is in staff. No one is training and people are quitting from burnout. People retire or quit and don't get replaced. It's not just here, it's tye entire country and other countries as well.

    2. Canada is falling apart, I am sending Trump to fix things


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